26 February 2015

Promoting health behaviour change


Our Promoting health behaviour change training courses are designed to help frontline professionals promote health and wellbeing in routine one-to-one or group consultations with clients or patients. The courses are based on the concept of solution focused practice, which takes a positive approach to empowering individuals to identify what they want to achieve to improve their health. This approach is refreshing as it focuses on helping individuals discover how to achieve their goal(s) rather than trying to fix the problem(s) that they may currently have.

Who are the courses for?

The courses are ideal for any frontline professionals with a responsibility for promoting healthy lifestyles and working with individuals either one-to-one or in groups, for example:

  • Weight management specialists
  • Cardiac rehabilitation nurses
  • Drug and alcohol workers
  • Workplace health workers
  • Sexual health workers
  • Health trainers
  • Health at work leads
  • Health visitors
  • General practitioners
  • Occupational therapists
  • Community pharmacists
  • Exercise instructors
  • Practice nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • School nurses
  • Dieticians

Promoting health behaviour change training options

Our most popular promoting health behaviour change course lasts two days. The course can also be commissioned as a half day and one day option. For more information on the different option please click on the links below.

Two day course

The aim of this course is to provide professionals with a comprehensive introduction to the key solution focused practice principles and techniques and equip them with the practical skills and competencies to immediately integrate solution focused practice into everyday interactions with individuals or groups.

Specifically the course will provide:

  1. an in-depth overview of the key components and underlying principles of solution focused practice and the historical background to this approach
  2. a comprehensive overview of key solution focused practice strategies and techniques
  3. a supportive environment to practise all skills via experiential exercises with tutor feedback
  4. a detailed outline of the key components of a typical first session with an individual
  5. the opportunity to observe and discuss video case studies of ‘real people’ engaged in first and follow-up solution focused consultations
  6. the opportunity to put all the key skills together to conduct a first session via role play
  7. knowledge and skills to take advantage of follow-up sessions and opportunistic interactions with individuals
  8. the opportunity to participate in group discussions to further understand how solution focused practice can be adopted and integrated into participants' work setting.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course each participant should be able to:

  1. outline the key principles of solution focused practice and its historical context
  2. distinguish between the problem-solving vs. solution-building paradigm
  3. develop some solution focused assumptions and questions
  4. identify strategies to engage quickly and purposefully with individuals and explain how to establish an individual’s goals for your work together
  5. demonstrate how to explore an individual’s preferred future
  6. describe how to support individuals in generating their own solutions to their problems and how to utilise their skills and competencies to facilitate change
  7. explain how to highlight and measure an individual’s progress towards their goals
  8. describe how to support individuals in maintaining and building on changes in follow-up consultations
  9. identify how to end consultations and the professional’s input appropriately.


All participants will receive:

  • a comprehensive course manual with examples of solution focused questions
  • a copy of the tutor's slides
  • certificate of attendance
  • two months' email support from the tutor.

Course programme

For further information on the timings and format of the workshop download the sample course programme

 In-house courses

This course can be commissioned for delivery at a venue to suit you anywhere within the UK mainland.


The cost to commission this course is £2,500. This price includes two days of tutor-led sessions delivered by a highly skilled and experienced Solution Focused Practitioner, course materials, administration and an evaluation report. The course can be delivered to a maximum of 25 participants.

The cost of the venue hire, refreshments and local promotion are to be covered by the commissioning organisation.

How to book

If you would like to host a Promoting health behaviour change course in your area please email bhfnctraining@lboro.ac.uk or call 01509 226418 to discuss a suitable date.


Please note this course has previously been called Patient Empowerment.