Support and dissemination

Support and dissemination

The physical activity guidelines, published in July 2011, established a UK-wide consensus on the amount and type of physical activity people should aim to do at each stage of their lives. National dissemination of these guidelines is now needed and BHFNC and the Department of Health are committed to working with others to help ensure this happens.


The challenge for practitioners and professionals is to identify the implications of the guidelines for their practice and to translate the guidelines into messages that are appropriate for the communities they work with. To help with this BHFNC and others have already produced tools which may be of assistance and other resources are planned.


BHF National Centre

The BHFNC are currently working with the Department of Health to plan a dissemination strategy for the guidelines and we are keen to work with other organisations to ensure comprehensive and consistent communication of the guidelines using appropriate messages.


The Centre is producing a range of resources for practitioners and professionals to support them in disseminating the guidelines (which are outlined on the relevant age group page) and we are delivering presentations on the guidelines at relevant events and conferences.


BHF and BHFNC are also working with others on translating the guidelines into public-facing messages that practitioners and professionals can use with a range of audiences. As soon as these are finalised they will appear on these website pages.


Department of Health

Since the launch of the guidelines in July 2011, Department of Health (DH) has worked with the Change4Life and NHS Choices teams to ensure that the guidelines are being disseminated to the public through their various campaigns.


DH is committed to the wider dissemination of the guidelines and recognise that working with partners to achieve this is key. DH is keen to hear the work that has taken place around the guidelines including what key messages are being disseminated.



Change4Life aims to inspire a society-wide movement that encourages everyone to make changes to their physical activity levels and diet. Change4Life has a range of resources and ideas to help people of all ages become more active. These resources have been updated to include the revised physical activity guidelines and provide useful tools for practitioners and professionals to use with the public.


For information about physical activity for children under three years old visit


For information about physical activity with children and young people and their families visit the Change4Life website for families visit


NHS Choices

NHS Choices is the country's biggest health website and provides information to allow people to make choices about their health. The NHS Choices website provides information on the physical activity guidelines for all age groups as well as ideas for exercise, videos, self assessment tools and blogs. To find out more go to


Let us know what you are doing

If you are doing work on dissemination of the physical activity guidelines which you feel would benefit others, or you would like to contribute to their dissemination, we are keen to hear from you. Let us know what you're up to by emailing or call 01509 226421.