Active Ageing Events programme

Active Ageing Events programme

Active Ageing Events can provide an opportunity for local organisations to celebrate participation in physical activity, exercise and sporting opportunities by older people of all ages, abilities and interests.


Active Ageing Events have been designed to:

  • Promote and celebrate participation in Active Ageing through regular physical activity
  • Promote the benefits of participation in physical activity to the older population
  • Initiate and sustain high quality and accessible local opportunities for older people
  • Build capacity and skills among a range of local organisations who work with people of all ages

A range of local organisations have an interest in Active Ageing. Active Ageing Events can provide a focus for local agencies coming together to share working and collaborate on promotions, publicity and providing new local opportunities.



A range of free resources are available to help you in planning Active Ageing Events. These include:

  • Co-ordinator's Planning Guide
  • Ideas for Action
  • Promotion Guide
  • Community Organisations' Guide

For more information on Active Ageing Events, how you can get involved and to download resources visit the website at